Trish and Tyson’s Wedding in Malibu

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Geraldine Gilliland, Chef, Author, Restaurateur, Malibu Weddings in Paradise

Geraldine Gilliland, Chef, Author, Restaurateur, Malibu Weddings in Paradise

Trish and Tyson’s Wedding

The Courtyard at Rancho Chiquita Malibu

The Courtyard at Rancho Chiquita Malibu

The Venue and Menu

I first met Trish and Tyson for a tour of Rancho Chiquita back in the winter of 2008. It was a cold and rainy day and we ended up in my kitchen, with the dogs of course, drinking my Signature Lula Margaritas and eating Green Corn Tamales and Red Velvet Wedding CupCakes with a Crème Anglaise.  Trish and Tyson then went straight to Lula Cocina Mexicana, my Mexican Restaurant in Santa Monica on their way home. They decided there and then that they had to have world class Mexican food for their wedding. We set up another Menu Tasting for them at Lula and this is really when the wedding fun began, to refine the actual wedding menu.  They chose to add one of the Signature Lula Margaritas to their bar, and serve Duck Sopes, BBQ Chicken Quesadillas, Spanish Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta and Swiss Chard Bruschetta; the salad was to be a Tijuana Caesar Salad; entrées would be Filet Mignon with a Wild Mushroom Tequila Sauce, Grilled Atlantic Salmon with a Tomato Epazote Sauce and for the many vegetarians, Green Corn Tamales with Crema Mexicana and Pico De Gallo. Platters of seasonal Oak Grilled Vegetables were placed on tables for guests to share family style.

I think it is really important to have a food tasting with your caterer before the wedding. It is not necessary to taste every single dish, but it is important for a couple to know the quality of the food they are ordering. Some caterers do not offer this service and I believe it is a mistake as a couple must feel secure in the knowledge that their food will be excellent

Outdoor Weddings and Weather

Trish and tyson's Ceremony with the View at Rancho Chiquita

Trish and Tyson's Ceremony with the View at Rancho Chiquita

We consider ourselves very lucky to live in Southern California because the weather is generally lovely during wedding months, however during certain months one must put a contingency plan in place in case of an unexpected heat or showers. The week of the wedding arrived with a full blown heat-wave and wildfires burning throughout Los Angeles – temperatures were 20 degrees hotter than usual for this time of year; at 10am it was 101 degrees. Fortunately all of our rentals are kept on-site and we are able to whip out extra umbrellas and canopies to shade guests during the hot afternoon sun.  Trish had also ordered beautiful parasols for guests to hold during the ceremony and cocktail hour.

Trish and the Bridesmaids at Rancho Chiquita Malibu

Trish and the Bridesmaids at Rancho Chiquita Malibu

Transportation: Valet versus Shuttles

Another big decision for Trish and Tyson was transportation. At a private Estate like Rancho Chiquita we offer our couple a choice of valet parking, shuttle buses, or a combination of both. As their Irish last name implies (Murphy’s on both sides), they wanted their guests to be able to have a good time, party and not be worried about drinking and driving. Let’s face it folks, no one likes a good party better than an Irish man or woman – I should know as I come from Belfast myself!  Trish and Tyson opted for shuttles which are more expensive than valets and really cut into their wedding budget, but they decided guest comfort was most important and they would cut their budget elsewhere; we are expert at showing brides easy places to cut back. There is always and up and down side to any form of transportation. The upsides of shuttles are that guests can be picked up and dropped off at their hotels and not worry about maps and driving in summer traffic. The downside is that if two guests want to leave early (why in the world would they?) then they have to wait until a shuttle is scheduled to leave with a full load of other guests.  

Wedding Planning/Coordinating: How much help does a couple need?

Trish and Tyson were so easy to work with during the whole planning process that we were really looking forward to enjoying their wedding ourselves.

When we first meet our clients, it soon becomes obvious whether we have a low or high maintenance event, or couple. There is nothing wrong with either – some events or couples just need more help than others. At Rancho Chiquita, we require that you hire our site logistics coordinator to assist with the many and various site tasks required to stage a wedding at a private Estate, such as regulations, permits, rentals and vendors. If you require additional wedding planning or assistance we offer different packages that provide a wide array of support to help create your wedding vision and ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly. 

With every phone call or email Trish apologized for being a bother – which she certainly was not.  This dream bridal couple made decisions easily and took our advice when asked for – they were both a delight 

The Bridesmaid's Bouquets - Wedding in Malibu

The Bridesmaid's Bouquets - Wedding in Malibu

Flowers and Décor Dilemmas

Rancho Chiquita is such a beautiful venue with an abundance of flowers and landscaping, so most of our bridal couples don’t feel a need to spend tons of their hard earned money on expensive and exotic floral arrangements; some brides we meet have a budget of $7-8,000 for flowers that they end up putting toward a higher-end menu, bar or shuttles. Trish decided to use potted plants as her centerpieces – generally a truly excellent choice. There were two problems that developed: first the heat and second their choice of plant. Trish bought beautiful lilac colored hydrangeas (one of my personal favorite flowers and very popular in Ireland) several days before the wedding, placed them in lacquered wooden boxes, and then tortured herself keeping them healthy with tons of love and water – because unfortunately hydrangeas do not like extreme heat, and the blossoms are delicate and have a short lifespan. 

The beloved plants were brought to us at the rehearsal the night before and I carefully placed some in the shade and some in an air-conditioned room, but alas, even though I watered them lovingly that afternoon and at night, by 8am the next morning, half of them had completely wilted.  What to do?  A ‘911’ call first to our Site Director.  She called her plant-mart contact and Home Depot – no hydrangeas.  She referred to her trusty 15 page Trish & Tyson Wedding Spreadsheet and called “Aunt Paige” (who created the beautiful boutonnières and bridal bouquets) to see if she knew where Trish had bought the plants – Aunt Paige would try to find some and if she couldn’t, she would page our Site Director who would stop at the two nurseries on her drive up to Malibu.   The problem would be solved – and without troubling our bride! Aunt Paige not only saved the day, she made the most remarkable bridal bouquets.

The Couple, the Pool, the Bouquet, the Parasol

The Couple, the Pool, the Bouquet, the Parasol

By the time Trish arrived, I was able to start with “we have replacements” for the sadly wilted plants that greeted her.  A lot of brides would have lost it by then, but Trish was completely calm and cracked us all up when she said she was “so over the centerpieces”. There were not quite enough hydrangeas for each table, but since we always ask for extra cut flowers for the hors d’oeuvres trays and to create our signature Wedding CupCake Tree, we had enough flowers to fill in the pots wherever they needed an extra bloom or two. 

Another thought here is to really know what it entails when you ask a family member to help you with flower arranging and decorating the ceremony site – and then having to change into wedding finery in time for the wedding.  It is a lot to ask – so much work. One minute Aunt Paige was up a ladder decorating the Pergola, and the next minute she was changing into a little black cocktail dress to be a guest at the wedding. She missed the ceremony entirely.

Grooms in General; Tyson in particular – and breaking the rules!

For most of our weddings during the last two years, Grooms have taken an integral, and sometimes the entire role of creating the wedding day.  Whether they do or do not, dealing with two families (and often with divorces and remarriage) can be a challenge for the both the Bride and Groom.  At Rancho Chiquita we have an incredible team that can alleviate a great many of the logistical needs of creating your wedding day, but may be less effective in lightening the stress of loving and well-meaning family and friend opinions, critic, interference, suggestions, and on occasion a tantrum or two.  Most of our bridal couples pay for the wedding themselves but are still considerate of trying to meet every member of the families wishes.

When Tyson arrived I could tell right off the bat that he was tense – and it was 104 degrees which typically doesn’t help anyone’s frame of mind when there are tons of things to do.  It is actually a very personal experience to be of service at a wedding, and important that we are able to read the mood of our clients, the immediate family and the bridal party.  The smallest thing can make or break the joy of a wedding – I always want to make the bridal couple as happy as possible and help alleviate any concerns for them.

The groom’s party headed for the shade and breeze of the pool terrace as the heat pushed to 105 then 106 degrees.  Having been given strict instructions that they could not put even toe to water, they were wistfully looking at the cool inviting salt water infinity edged pool, obviously dying to jump in to cool off and delay donning tuxedo suits and ties.  I went into the house, grabbed a handful of pool towels and told the guys to go for it.  Pretty soon they were lounging on the pool bar stools drinking sodas and feeling completely relaxed. The photographer found them so we have some great photos.  Tyson asked me “Can’t we just get married in the pool?”  No, Tyson!

Breaking the rules - Tyson and the Groomsmen

Breaking the rules - Tyson and the Groomsmen

Trish thanked me profusely as she knew it was the perfect solution to take the edges off her husband-to-be’s stress.  For me it was just the right thing to do – even though it’s against the strict rules about using my beautiful Rancho Chiquita and, I’m afraid, it’s not a rule that my Site Director will let me break again!!   

Dresses and Headpieces

Trish in her Green Wedding Dress

Trish in her Green Wedding Dress

Trish wore 2 beautiful wedding dresses at her wedding. A lovely Celtic green dress for $100 from The Dresser in Fullerton – then at her final fitting she found her “dream” dress for only $400. How many brides can say they found 2 beautiful dresses for $500… and considering the heat of the day it was unique and lovely to switch looks like a movie star? Trish wore a hair flower from – a must-see website for any bride to be. As well as being able to support artists through the site, Trish spent $20 on a unique headpiece for which most bridal stores would have charged $200. I like brides that enjoy a good bargain. 

Trish's Entrance - Wedding in Malibu

Trish's Entrance - Wedding in Malibu

Let’s Dance – The Last Dance

Trish and Tyson's CupCake Wedding Cake in Malibu

Trish and Tyson's CupCake Wedding Cake in Malibu

As the last CupCake had been savored and the evening wound to a close with the last dance, it occurred to me that one more song was definitely needed and I asked the DJ to play “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. Everyone got up on the dance floor one last time as the stars twinkled above and the moon shimmered over the water.

The End (or The Beginning)

When I went to say goodbye and good night I found my Bride Of The Year actually cleaning the bridal suite!! You would really not believe the shocking state that many bridal parties leave the rooms, but that is not the kind of person Trish is.  Of course I stopped her immediately as she was about to mop down the countertops and guided her lovingly out of the door toward the transportation waiting to whisk our couple off down the hill.

Nightime at Rancho Chiquita - Trish and Tyson's Wedding

Nightime at Rancho Chiquita - Trish and Tyson's Wedding

Wedding Photographer: Jackie Lovato, Lovato Images

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